What is Google’s Night Sight Feature for Pixel Smartphones?

Night Sight for Google Phones

It is a feature that improves low light pictures via artificial intelligence

Google Pixel new phones are rolling out with new and outstanding feature called the Night Sight.This new mode is designed to illuminate images at night and allow you to take brighter shots indoors in the dark with the camera app.

The latest version of Google’s camera app has a hidden version of the feature The Pixel 3 phone had zero shutter lag, meaning the moment you  press the shutter button it will be the same moment a photo is captured as Night Sight makes use of much slower shutter speeds and HDR+ burst mode to create an enhanced, long-exposure shot.

Night Sight for Canadian camera phone apps

After pressing the shutter button, yiu will have to hold the Pixel 3 still as it combines up to 15 frames to produce an image akin to a 5-second exposure. But since Night Sight doesn’t rely entirely on long exposure you won’t have to hold the phone perfectly still. The resulting image is touched up using machine learning algorithms and auto white balance, accentuating the dominant light sources in the picture. This could result in a slight smoothing-like effect for selfies since Night Sight essentially creates a single shot using a collage of other images and then slaps a filter on it.

The new mode is accessed within the Google Camera app, in the “More” section where you’ll find Slow Motion, Photo Sphere, Playground, and Settings. If the lighting conditions are dark enough, the camera app will recommend you try out the Night mode that works with selfies too.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are Google’s newest flagship phones, now have the improved cameras among many other new features as well. Besides Pixel latest smartphones this feature is also available on many Nokia phones as well like the Nokia 7 plus or 8 and other mobiles.

Night sight feature in cell phone

According to Google in order to capture as much light as possible, Night Sight takes multiple photos up to 15, and then combines them into one image. It feels like an enhanced version of HDR, which uses a similar technique. The number of photos it takes in the mode is dictated by the level of darkness in the space you’re taking it. When taking a Night Sight photo, you need to keep the phone as stable as possible to get the best results. If you’re moving around too much, the image will be blurry.

If you have the camera in automatic mode, the app will recommend you activate night mode to get more light in the shot, especially when it is too dark. Night Sight doesn’t just address darkness, it enhances different aspects of the photo to offer more detail and better color reproduction. Try yourself and found out the best you can get out of this enhanced and new feature.

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