New Mobile Games Worth Playing

It can get tiresome playing the same games over and over. Not sure what is worth playing? That is why goes to great lengths checking out the games for you and letting all the players now what is hot and where it can be grabbed at.


Monsters University

Join Sulley and Mike before they became friends and show your skills off. There are 10 levels spread through 5 competitive environments. There are many characters, items, along with bonuses to be discovered.

  • MonstersUniversity is daring and entertaining
  • Difficulty obstacles can only be beat with teamwork
  • 10 levels are waiting to be conquered
  • Scare, jump, row, run, and climb to beat the competition
  • Face enemies and unlock those bonus features

Gangstar City

Who was brave enough to kidnap your brother? Only you can become powerful enough to find your brother. Make your name known in L.A. by taking on jobs no other would, running a district, and ruling four totally different districts.

  • The Gangstar series hits mobile
  • Four different maps all take you to the underworld of L.A.
  • Recruit gangsters
  • Throw parties and pimp the crib out
  • Dirty jobs are your for the taking
  • Unlock upgrades for just about everything

Iron Man 3

Step into the shoes of Tony Stark and become IronMan. Fight, fly, and dash around the world fighting against the A.I.M. forces. Stark’s world will be destroyed and you have to find who did it. Get ready to take a journey that will test your skills at every turn.

  • Official game of the movie for 2013
  • Five different environments with ten huge levels
  • Varied mission are waiting
  • Use the R&D workshop by Start Industries
  • Power and freedom will be experienced as Iron Man

Kingdoms & Lords

Barbarian forces turn your rural village upside down. Build the village up while training your militia how to fight. Just when things are looking up the Dark King comes back into power and it is up to you for stopping him from conquering every region.

  • Cultivate and expand across the lands
  • Upgrade building for optimizing production
  • Upgrade the army’s weapons and invest in them
  • Send your troops to defeat other realms
  • Your neighbors need you to forge alliances with them
  • You will need to be a strategist from the very beginning
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