Mobile Gaming is about to be Changed with the New Apple iPhones

When it comes to phones Apple is not scared to take a leap. Their iPhone 5S was just unveiled and it comes with a 64 bit A7 processor. One of the makers of the franchise Infinity Blade, Donald Mustard, was on the stage with the Apple execs. He was not only excited about the phone and any potential gaming, but he used the opportunity to show the video of the new Infinity Blade III. There are new opportunities for game developers with the iPhone 5S.



The A7 chip is being used for the first time with the iPhone 5S. with this type of processor and chip in place not only are gamers going to crave playing more, but developers with have the means of creating games that will keep players going for hours.

Even though there was a graph displayed showing the performance of the iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 5S according to Geremy Mustard it is so much more then what the graph can show. The first game for the phone is already out and ready to go for the gamers, Infinity Blade III.

There are some things gamers probably will not notice like:

  • More Ram can be utilized

Things that will be noticed right off are:

  • Battery life is longer
  • Performance is better then ever before


The A6 chip has only half the registers that the A7 has. When there are more registers it means a number of different things for a phone. For instance:

  • Performance is boosted
  • High end games will run smoothly
  • Chip is faster
  • Memory bandwidth is better
  • More energy efficient

Mobile Gaming and Consoles

Console gaming has been on the cutting edge for some time. What are the odds that a cell phone could have that same performance as the consoles? Believe it or not this dream is a step closer to a reality.

The only difference with gamers playing on their mobiles is they do not play long. The device is usually used when there is a little time like on their lunch, breaks, riding on the bus, etc. This could average out to about 10 minutes at a time; this is much different then when using a console where the players will go for hours on end. Here at we will keep you informed on how quickly the gap is closing on the consoles and mobile devices.

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