How much money do you spend on mobile gaming?

For sure, a lot of game aficionados who have ever been involved in an engaging game that needed them to finish off that gargantuan enemy or who have been wanting to crush that candy so bad, will not even have second thoughts in letting go of their valuable cash just to be able to proceed to the next level.


Who spends more for mobile games?

This compulsion is what feeds micro transactions or in-app purchase to become a multi-billion industry that it is today.  It starts as a “freemium” commodity, a kind of smartphone app that allows you to download the game for free but as you get deeply involved in the game you will have to pay real money to proceed to next level or get level-up items so you can pass through difficult levels.

Collected data submits that iPhone owners spend more on gadget trappings than Android owners.  Basically, this principle can also be applied to in-app purchases.  Individuals who buy Apple tend to buy more in almost all games that are available on both platforms.  The data came from a six month period study from December 2014 and May 2015 conducted by NPD Group’s Checkout Tracking.

The NPD system tracks the purchase behavior of users and utilizes the gathered data to study consumer behavior and inclination.  Two million American users’ purchase practice in relation to their smartphones was tracked by NPD nationwide and this is quite a respectable representative sample.

Earnings from mobile games

As a lot of gamers go into a game to win, this has become the driving force behind the surge in in-app purchases.  Two of the most popular games that are available in both platforms are “Candy Crush Saga” and “Clash of Clans”.  However if we are to get the average in-app expenditures that Google players and iPhone users, this is where we can see the difference.  iPhone owners spent an average of $398 on Game of War—Fire Age” compared to the $165, the average that an Android user spent on any game.

Premium games versus “Freemiums”

We can divide the paid mobile gaming business into two types:  Premium games which have to be paid first before it can be acquired or downloaded and those that can be downloaded and played for free or better known as the “freemiums”.

The catch is when you become really hooked on the game and bent on advancing to the next difficult level, then you will not even notice that you have been spending good money in trickles just to get past that impossibly difficult level.  In reality, and as a gaming analyst of Checkout tracking Liam Callahan has confirmed, paid games consist of a very small part of the mobile business; it is the freemiums that really bring home the bacon.

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