Best Cheap Mobile Phones and Budget Smartphones 2016

Are you a gamer looking for a smartphone that will make the experience awesome? There is nothing worse than a phone that freezes when playing or worse the picture quality sucks. So with that said let us talk about amazing gaming phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

When it comes to power the Samsung is the best being offered on the market right now. The processor is the most current Snapdragon 820, RAM is 4 GB, running the GPU is Adreno 530 and can handle even those agonizing strenuous games.

Best Cheap Mobile Phones and Budget Smartphones 2016
Best Cheap Mobile Phones and Budget Smartphones 2016

This phone is not for the faint of heart since the price tag will make you squirm. The screen measures in at 5.5 inches, but the edges are curved for the best experience. Viewing quality is not disappointing and the standards are the highest available.

If there was ever a phone just for gaming this would be it. The gaming experience is superlative and comes with an actual game launcher. Fancy wording meaning not only will your games be stored, but they will now be categorized also.

Nexus 6P

When it comes to competing with the top names Xiaomi is chomping at their heels. Some of the key points are:

  • Processor is the Snapdragon 810
  • GPU is Adreno 430
  • RAM is 3GB
  • Amoled 5.7 inch screen

The Nexus 6P can be scooped up for roughly $450. The specs do not make it an S7 Edge, but the screen size will make up for it. HD graphics will grab your attention for enjoying and is paired with superb color reproduction. Pixel density on the larger screen is amazing.

HTC 10

Imagine enjoying your favorite games on a mobile that can give off some loud sounds. This HTC 10 mobile is one for grabbing attention with the stereo speakers. The cool thing about the speakers is there are two and they both carry their weight in the sound department. Mids and trebles will come flying out of the front facing top speaker, while a subwoofer quality speaker is ready for business on the bottom of the phone.

Best Cheap Mobile Phones and Budget Smartphones 2016
Best Cheap Mobile Phones and Budget Smartphones 2016

Inside it has the same Snapdragon 820 and the GPU is Adreno 530, while RAM is 4GB. Performance is not as amazing as the S7 Edge, but it is really good. The display is not AMOLED, but the technology is Super LCD 5. This means those little pixels are going to be higher density.

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