T-Mobile is rewarding Pokemon Go players

Pokemon Go is huge right now and T-Mobile is offering their players some really cool things on Tuesday. Some of the perks will be:

  • Play Pokemon Go for a full year and you will not have to worry about it affecting your data
  • Need to get to a Gym or PokeStop? Enjoy $15 for a free ride from Lyft
  • Feeling heated? Skip over to Wendy’s for a free frosty
  • Get a whopping 50% off selected accessories to help keep your phone hunting
  • $100 worth of PokeCoins given to 250 people


Pokemon Go has only enjoyed ten days of action. It hit the mobiles running on July 6th and is not slowing down. Today there are 21 million uses each day scampering around town looking for Pokemon. This is one way of getting people off the couch and getting exercise by walking around town. Since the launch the game is now considered the most grossing game holding onto the number 1 spot. It can be found in the stores Google Play and Apple App.

T-Mobile is rewarding Pokemon Go players
T-Mobile is rewarding Pokemon Go players

Fun times

With all the hype trying to catch all the Pokemon bouncing everywhere, T-Mobile is offering data free for a year so you can enjoy the game with no slowdowns or extra charges. Every Tuesday through the 9th of August is the time to download the free Tuesday app at T-Mobile.

Thanking gamers

Not only is the carrier thanking gamers, but they are thanking all their customers. Then know how important customers are so they are offering the chance to own a piece of the company, every week means more free items, and when on a U.S. flight they can enjoy Wi-Fi on Gogo from their smartphone. Every Tuesday there are new items surprising their loyal customers.

T-Mobile is rewarding Pokemon Go players
T-Mobile is rewarding Pokemon Go players


Not only do you get to enjoy all the hype of free items, but now there is no reason for not hoping into the game and enjoying the free data. Some areas are hotter than others when hunting around the town. You will never feel alone, because there are many players walking around trying to capture as many Pokemon’s as possible. Who knows maybe one day the developers will have a high enough demand for allowing players to exchange with one another. Until then, how many will you be able to capture before they are all gone and none can be found?

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