AppTrigger: A Sensual Experience

Voice and Gesture

The AppTrigger is a handheld controller that resembles a sawed-off shotgun, and can easily be connected to an iPad or iPhone. The AppTrigger allows a gamer an experience that emulates a console, mobile and oculus rift.The use of Bluetooth allows you to connect your device so that you become integrated into the center of the action. Voice controls and motion detectors allows a player to use hand gestures and voice commands that can emulate tossing a hand grenade or even calling in an air strike. Your physical movements are detected by the motion detection system. With this controller, Jumping and crouching, or even looking around in a 360 degree vision is a reality.



Your sense of touch is enhanced by an electromagnetic system that emulates the sensation of experiencing a gun’s recoil. A target scope feature can be activated by simply raising the gun to eye level followed by a tap of the trigger to fire at your enemy. The AppTrigger has an added ability to morph into three types of guns. The adjustment of the mount allows you to change from submachine gun, shotgun or even an assault rifle

Third Party Support                  

Modded Apps supports standard game controller protocol through participation with Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program released with IOs 7. It also support Android game controller functionality. Apple included an added feature in iOS 7 that allowed third-party companies to create game controllers that could be certified for use with Apple products. At the same time Apple released an SDK that developers could use to make their games compatible with those game controllers.

FPS Game played on AppTrigger VS  TV consoles

The common television only allow a range of motion ninety degrees parallel, and forty degrees left or right from the gamers floor. The advantage of using the AppTrigger controller is its range of motion, 360-degrees in all angles of view, no television can emulate that.

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