Android Games are Hitting Daily

As Android games slowly rev up and start hitting the gaming world it is nice to know a little about the top games. At we keep the gamers up to date at all times.

Rymdkapsel by Grapefrukt Games

Step into outer space and build your station so it is the best and the minions chant your name. Cruise around the galaxy and see what is waiting to be discovered.

  • The first level will have you craving more
  • Spatial puzzling combined with base building and tower defense
  • Adjustable strategy


Real Racing 3 by EA Swiss Sarl

Mobile racing has just taken on a new standard for thoroughly enjoying the game. In order to get the full potential of the game your Android device will need to have 1.2GB of free space available.

  • 22 car expanded grid
  • Pick from 50 detailed cars
  • Race against friends
  • Time shifted multiplayer
  • Real tracks
  • More then 1000 events to compete in
  • Rear view mirrors are fully functioning
  • Persistent car damage

Bejeweled Blitz by EA Swiss Sarl

Bejeweled comes crashing through in rounds of 60 seconds. Get ready to use power ups to accumulate as many points possible. Compare your score to your friends and see who the best is.

  • 100,000 free coins for new users
  • Free play
  • Facebook friends can compete against each other
  • Blazing speed can be earned if you are fast
  • Rare gems
  • Daily Spin
  • Tutorial for easy learning

Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd

There was a time when games use to be point and click and Tiny Thief has captured this old school way of playing. With a sense of humor that is offbeat you will not be able to keep from smiling as you play. He is out to save the princess and the kingdom in trouble.

  • Puzzle game
  • Visual style
  • Gameplay elements
  • There are six huge adventures
  • Unexpected surprises
  • Skill and cunning will get you through

The Room by Fireproof Games

The room is a mystery game that sports a 3D world. You receive a note from an old friend requesting help and off you go to explore the room and what is hiding there.

  • Graphics are realistic
  • Finger controls
  • Get hooked from the first screen
  • Mystery piled in compelling layers
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