NiP and Betway – A Big Deal in The Market


For the fans of Betway-Sports-book there is some good news, which will bring joy as well as excitement in the most prominent manner. The position of this company has been further strengthened in the form of eSports Bookmaker as they have signed a sponsorship deal with NiP, which is one of the best and most celebrated teams of the eSports. This is a big development, which is going to influence the entire market in the most convincing manner. With this deal BETWAY is all set to become the first bookmaker from United Kingdom who will be investing in one of the teams of eSports.

This is a huge agreement, which has the inclusion of:

  • branding on shirt
  • onsite brandings
  • usage right of content
  • Complete access to players.

NiP and Betway

NiP is a Sweden based company is known as the most respected and famous sides of this world that has been successful in naming many prestigious titles to itself since the year 2000. On the other side Betway is regarded as the most noted bookmaker that is the first one that launched an eSports micro-site in the year 2015 and since then they are counted in the list of leading players of this market.

The correspondent from Betway was found saying that they are very much delighted to enter into the deal with NiP this is a team which has a strong history of accomplishment associated with it in the world of eSports. He further added that company has installed specialized focus upon eSports over the past few years as we  have also launched the first ever eSports specified microsite as well as the content channel.

CEO says

The CEO of NiP was also seen commenting and he mentioned that its really very exciting for them to grab an opportunity of working with the leading betting company and they are very much confident that this partnership will permit to grow their legacy towards a good number of fans present around the globe. The experience will defiantly be worth remembering for the fans.

The new trend

The latest trends of market suggest that on the past few years there has been an increase in viewership of eSports and it is evolving as well as developing at a rapid pace, which is something really encouraging.

The deal is going to be strongly beneficial, but all that we have to do is to wait and watch for the developments which will take place.

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