Mobile Casinos Rules Tough for US Players

Things have not be easy for US online players for quite some time now.  Changes on law on online gaming are being effected left and right and this has caused a number of online casinos to leave the country completely.  Online gaming has always been in the news of late which makes a lot of people wonder if there has been a ban issued on certain mobile on online casinos, though there is no instance of this kind.

Screenshot Of Mobile Casinos Rules Tough for US Players
Mobile Casinos Rules Tough for US Players

No General Ban on Online Gambling

There are however some rules that disallow online casinos from operating in the United States.  Still, there are other laws as well that are aimed at governing companies on how they can receive and allocate funds to US gamers.  Just to make it clear, there is no complete ban on online gambling, thus it is best for players to check out their local state laws before embarking on one.  In spite of the ambiguity of the current status, various states are seriously mulling over doing major revision in their rules if they are currently not allowing any type of gambling.

A Dream Market

Apart from a number of governmental concerns, the United States could be any mobile casino operator’s ideal market.  Every high end mobile device can be found here, it is the country where Apple and all its ever-present progeny are found such as the iPad and the iPhone.  There are no issues on connectivity 24/7 as almost all of the major carriers are here with reach to almost 98% of the population throughout the country.  Add to that the population size and the citizens’ innate love for gambling, then this can truly be considered a huge market.  It will just be a matter of time before the carriers roll out their 4g which will speed up their broadband even more throughout the country.

Screenshot of Mobile Casinos Rules Tough for US Players
Mobile Casinos Rules Tough for US Players

Limited Games

It could be said that it comes as a bit of annoying and disappointing that most of the favorite games are not being offered in the US.  There is however, a site that gives us hope, the Slotland Mobile Casino.  The site, though not as technologically sophisticated as the other sites offers very good mobile gaming experience to its clients.  The casino has been in existence for almost 18 years making it one of the world’s oldest casinos.  To date, it stays open to US players legally and new players receive 100% matched signup bonus.

Slotland concentrates on slot games, naturally but poker games such as Jacks or Better video are also available.  Slotland also uses their very own software thus providing its players with a unique gaming experience anywhere in the United States.

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