Exciting mobile games in 2016

The year 2015 has come and gone.  Though we have immensely enjoyed hundreds of eye-popping, mind-boggling and totally addictive mobile games in 2015, we can’t just remain stuck in the past because a lot more could be in store for us this year.

It is time to talk about the mobile games that will be released or we hope will finally be released for mobile devices in 2016 that would be good enough to lose sleep over.

Our Prediction

Age of Empires: World Domination

Coming from the company Klabs, it has all the frills of a typical Clash of Clans strategy game that’s become so popular on mobile devices.  Build your base, gather resources and send out your units to war versus other leaders and factions.

Screenshot of Exciting mobile games in 2016
Exciting mobile games in 2016

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a combination of MOBA, CCG, and tower defense, laid out in the likes of the super hit Clash of Clansthat could easily grab your attention.  You have to defend three towers with two lanes.  You can send your units through the lane to attack your enemies and destroy them before they do you.

Mini Metro

This game might not be a choice at first glance, but you have to believe me when I say that Mini Metro will get you interested by its highly controlled transportation system that never fails to arrive on time.  Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club, it will have create train lines within subway stations.  With limited trains and lines available to you, efficient planning of routes to make the transit system runs smoothly will be the challenge.

CSR Racing 2

Being a follow-up of the sleek drag racing game CSR Racing, the sequel CSR Racing 2, will take you back to the streets with better, bigger, and prettier entries.  Developed by Zynga-owned NaturalMotion, you have a collection of high-end vehicles to compete with Crews.  Joining daily challenges will boost your reputation so you can unlock better and newer vehicles.

Exciting Mobile Games in 2016

Prison Architect

Whether if this all-consuming prison management SIM will really be set up for mobile devices this year is still undetermined.  Developed by Introversion and released for PC, we are so hoping that Prison Architect will also grace our mobile devices this year.  The first release that was recurrently updated for several years and has become an extremely comprehensive management SIM with the player minding all the facets of a prison such as cell maintenance, sanitation, and psychiatrists.

There is an Escape Mode to be able to break out of maximum security establishments and the developer is continuously adding things and fixing bugs to perfect the game.

Dawn of Titans

It took quite a while for Dawn of Titans to get around as Zynga purposely delayed its launching to be able to justify its D30 retention, but it is finally being released this year.  It promises big battles to the tune of thousands of soldiers manning the battlefield, focusing more on the Titans who tower over the battle field to demolish their enemies.

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