Let’s play with Tango

A great partnership set to make mobile gaming history has happened in just a few days. The world leader in mobile social gaming, PlayPhone Inc has recently announced together with the popular social mobile messenger app, Tango, they will partner together to offer access to PlayPhone’s network. The partnership is the first of its kind in the industry. It will enhance the service plan for the 190 million members that use Tango. The deal will give Tango members the opportunity to access the mobile social gaming giant within Tango’s messaging app.

What are the member benefits?

The benefits behind this historic partnership are countless for both companies and its users. These benefits include the following:

  • Tango customers have easy access to the best and most popular games on the planet.
  • Both PlayPhone and Tango members can enjoy the ultimate social integration for game discovery.
  • Access at the touch of a button to all the games in PlayPhone’s carrier game stores.
  • Tango members can access PlayPhones gaming network without going through step by step billing. Direct billing will be conducted by the carrier.
  • PlayPhone updates to its server and software will be automatic for all of Tango’s members. This will eliminate them from updating their apps manually every-time there is a new feature or update from the Playphone network.

Playphone has a great army indeed

PlayPhone has a massive gaming network, an arsenal of operators and developer partners. The gaming leader also boasts close ties with leading mobile carriers. These assets provide new ways for customers to connect and engage with one another.

Playphone partners include:

  • Verizon
  • Vivo
  • Telomsel
  • SpringTel
  • Sprint
  • Claro

Bigger and badder

Companies that will follow suit in partnering together to try and compete with this deal, will have a lot of ground to make up. PlayPhone has made further relationships with other operator partners and will be announcing others later this year. This will make an even more significant expansion in their goal for optimally supporting their gaming portal.

What’s in the store?

It is undeniable that this historical moment has grown PlayPhone’s imprint in the market. Partnering with Tango will increase their unremitting efforts to provide its customers with the ultimate mobile gaming experience throughout the world.

To find out more information on Playphone, and get cutting edge innovations in gaming products, news, features and updates, please visit their website www.playphone.com.

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