Kavinsky Now Has His Own Retro Zombie-Fighting Game!


Rarely would you find people going in frenzy simply because of a cell phone game, but Kavinsky has made it happen! Fans of “Drive” the movie, of which Ryan Gosling was the brain behind it, know exactly who Kavinsky is. He provided a number of tracks used in the film. Kavinsky is known for his mad driving skills and zombie fighting skills in the film. Most of his fans refer to him as “The Undead”. This July, he comes back with a bang in the form of his very own mobile game.

Who is Kavinsky?

To those whom might still be a float, Kavinsky is a French artist, officially known as Vincent Belorgey. He bases his soundtracks on an electro-synth style that tends to blend perfectly in films. Back in the 80’s, Vincent was quite influential in the rise of this type of pop music. As a matter of fact, he has grown to catch the eye of various top dogs with the likes of Rockstar using his tracks on a number of their products. Rockstar to be specific has incorporated his tracks in Grand Theft Auto V which is yet to be released. To cut the long story short; Kavinsky is the name behind the man who brought retro awesomeness into action, horror films with all the aesthetic cheesiness they bring. To date, films still incorporate his rare yet eccentric style.

What is the game about?

As for Kavinsky the game, it is a 3D thriller. Gaming experts have compared to the game to previous classics such as Outrun, Fighting Force and Streets of Rage. The game is all about driving a Ferrari Testarossa ad fighting off evil (in the form of zombies) at night. Gamers will also be forced to outrun the police. It is an adrenaline filled game promising to bring out the best of Kavinsky.

The soundtracks

One of the main aspects of the game will be the soundtracks, all of which are based on Kavisnky’s tracks. The game has also been compared to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which also had some of craziest mobile gaming soundtracks of all time. If you liked Far Cry 3, then you will definitely fall in love with the new look Kavisnky’s Dead Cruiser!  The game will only be available for mobile devices and is set to be officially released on 8th of July, this year. The soundtracks used in the game are from ‘Outrun’, Kavisnky’s latest album.

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Kavinsky Now Has His Own Retro Zombie-Fighting Game!, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings