IVE Telecom Mobile App in Canada to Pay your Bills on the go

IVE Telecom Mobile App in Canada to Pay your Bills on the go

IVC Telecom was established in 2016 and now is a leading independent telecom company based in Montreal, Quebec. Recently it launched its new mobile app for Android and iPhone users. The app serves as an addition to the existing unlimited internet service, illustrating the telecom company’s initiative in building a seamless, fun and easy digital experience for its subscribers.

With hundreds of thousands of active users in Canada subscribed to the young telecom company, IVC Telecom aims to become one of the leading independent telecom companies in Canada with premium user experience.

IVC Telecom’s new app provides users a new way to access information on IVC Telecom’s newest promotional offers, easy bill payment process, as well as a one-stop customer support system to cater to every single user. This new mobile app allows the telecom company to foster deeper relationships with its subscribers, helping the brand continue to serve its subscribers while staying on track of its remarkable growth since its inception.

According to Vipin Kumar, Customer Service Manager of IVC Telecom, it’s all about staying connected. As a company that specialises in connecting users through technology, IVC Telecom would like to also facilitate deeper connections with subscribers. This mobile app is the answer to their initiative to connect their fellow Canadians with the world, and to each other in community,” said. “It allows to better communicate with ourtheir  customers, while creating a personalized customer experience through the means of digital technology.”

Features on the new IVC Telecom’s mobile app include:

IVE Telecom Mobile App in Canada Features

1. Navigate with ease – The new app features a sleek look and a user-friendly interface, designed for users to navigate the app with ease. View, Update, or edit your account information

2. Convenient bill payment – Through the in-app billing feature, users will now be able to view, download and complete bill payments with just a few clicks. Make one-time payments or sign up for automatic payments

3. One-stop customer support – With the built-in customer support, users can now contact customer service, open a service ticket or upgrade internet service plan easily within the app. You can  Upgrade your internet service plan or submit a moving request

4. Staying up-to-date – Customers can now stay up to date with IVC Telecom’s future product launch and company news, as well as promotional info on limited time offers.

The new mobile app is the first step of the many changes as IVC Telecom moves towards digitalization. Serving as the bridge between IVC Telecom and its users, the goal of the app is to facilitate connections with its users and provide a one-of-a-kind telecommunications experience.

Click here to download the IVC Telecom mobile app for iPhone

Click here to download the IVC Telecom mobile app for Android

IVE Telecom Mobile App

IVC Telecom also plans to launch their newly renovated website in the near future. The new website will feature a more user-centric, responsive and streamlined website to enhance customer’s experience during their visit. IVC Telecom wants to offer visitors a one-stop destination to learn and shop their newest internet offers, and at the same time provide customers an improved customer support structure to better serve their customers. Stay tuned for future announcement.

About IVC Telecom

IVC Telecom is an independent internet service provider, founded in 2016 and based in Quebec, Canada with the promise to provide affordable, reliable and the fastest internet and home phone services. IVC came into existence with the simple act of giving back to the community. IVC Telecom’s mission is to provide the best quality services at a reasonable price while treating their customers with the utmost respect.

IVC Telecom provides Internet solutions as well as WIFI calling.  You can call or text for free via there WI FI connection. Wi Fi calling service allows you to call and send messages over WI FI when your cell coverage is low or no longer exists. You can use the WI FI calling services to call and send a message just like you do on the cellular network even if the person on the other end is not using WIFI.

Also IVC provides the most reliable phone phone services with competitive prices. You get unlimited calling within Canada and free phone portability.

You can contact their support team at  IVC Telecom Inc. Phone: (514) 876-0900; 1 (888) 453-7959

Customer service: Serviceclient@ivctel.com

Technical support: supportTech@ivctel.com

Address: 867 Boulevard Décarie # 101, Saint-Laurent QC H4L 3M2 (No public access)

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