Betsson casino presenting 4 brand new slot games

Betsson Casino is the part of Betsson gaming network. Like other famous sites, “Betsson Casino” is admired by the online casino players. Casino and the network in general are constantly improving and upgrading, and payers can always expect some new games in which they can enjoy. Betsson casino once again made the payers thrilled with the fact that 4 new casino slot games have been presented. If you are a fan of slot casino games, you need to check these games out. You will have so much fun!


1.  Monster Smash Casino Slot Game

In this fun and pleasurable game, you will see colorful and lively platform when the monsters are in the center of attention. The slot is designed in five reels, and while playing, you will have so many chances to win some really great bonuses such as Monster Bonus or Tropical Bonus. There is also a chance for you to win Tasty Jackpot, Luxury or even the Dram Chance Jackpot.

2.  Oily Business Casino Slot Game

Explore the world of black gold with completely new Betsson casino slot game called Olily Business. Dig around the platforms and win big if you want the oil reserve. While playing Oily Business, you have the chance to activate Jackpot Wheel Round and win huge bonuses.

3.  The Wish Master Casino Slot Game

One of the four new games that Betsson casino presented is The Wish Master game. Genie will help you to win your wishes, and you can win some extras such as wilds or wild reels. As in every other game, you have the chance to win some huge bonuses, so keep on playing.

4.  Spin and Win Casino Slot Game

Spin and Win is classical slot casino game, specially designed for fans of these kinds of games.  Spin it, and you will win as the name of the game says. You have the chance to win even 150x of your bet, so try Spin and Win today. You will have so much fun playing this typical slot game, so enjoy!

If you want to have fun during the long and hot summer in front of you, Betsson casino is here with 4 brand new games created only for your pleasure. Try all 4 games, and see which one will become your new favorite one. Maybe you will choose one, or you will continue playing all for, it is entirely up-to-you. Good luck!

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