Backflip Studios, a Publisher of Mobile Games, Sold Majority of Stakes to Hasbro

Backflip Studios has experienced over 300 million downloads of their mobile games for Android and iOS. The company was one of the first free to download and play successful stories that can be found at the app stores.


The entertainment world has a big fish in it that jumped forward and purchased a whooping 70 percent of the stakes in Blackflip Studios for $112 million.

Hasbro has been clear about Blackflip continuing to develop their own games under the same management the company has in place already. Besides the developer making their own games they will also make games of Hasbro’s hottest titles.

Electronic Arts

Just a week prior to stepping up to the plate with Blackflip Hasbro locked a deal in place with Electronic Arts. The company is supposed to also make games for Hasbro with their hottest titles.

Electronic Arts is supposed to be making mobile games that are based on the following:

  • Yahtzee
  • Risk
  • Monopoly
  • Battleship
  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • The Game of Life
  • Clue

Other Subsidiaries for Hasbro

Hasbro has other companies already making their mobile games. NaturalMotion, Gameloft, and DeNA hold the licenses for Transformers, Jenga, and My Little Pony.

According to Brian Goldner, the chief executive and president of Hasbro, Blackflip is perfect for making the companies games. They are already known for their great games, network of users that has been establisher, and position in leadership. By pairing up with Blackflip Hasbro can have be a meaningful participant in the gaming digital world.

Paper Toss

It was June 2009 and Blackflip released their game Paper Toss. The game was simple and casual. It consisted of hitting the bin by tossing paper balls into it. In a mere five months the game was downloaded over 10 million times. This helped the company make $500 thousand off ads in the app store and another $1.25 million from selling paid apps.

In 2010 by March there were over 22 million games downloaded that belonged to the company. This meant the company was banking another $500 thousand every month. At the end of that year there were over 65 million downloads to either an Android or iOS. There were also more then 20 million active users monthly.

In 2011 by September the games being made by Blackflip were downloaded more then 150 million times. The active daily users were running at 3 million that were enjoying the games daily. Get more news at

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