Android Developers have been asked by Google to Build Game Apps for Tablets

Since Google has released their Nexus 7 tabled and have updated the Android 4.3 operating system for the mobile they are now asking developers to not only create, but to expand their gaming apps so new gamers can enjoy them on the new devices.

Android and Google Play

Ever since Google Play has added the games category for Android things have just blown up. According to Kochikar most of the developers that are known for their mobile games have been developing games for the Android tablet.

There is no waiting when the game is done; it is immediately released for the gamers to enjoy. Google Play combines the strengths of Google with their cloud services so developers can do what they love the most, develop games.


Kochikar is recommending developers take the necessary steps so their games will become even more popular by adding them to Google Play. One step the developers could use is integrating their game offerings on Google Play.

Since gamers love competition and challenging one another the games on Google Play have leader boards and achievements for keeping the gamers going. In order to keep the competition up to date they need to add capabilities of real time multiplayer which will increase engagement between players.


No one thought the Android tablet would be the hit it is today. Activations of the tablet reach beyond 70 million. Out of every two tablets that are purchased, one will be run with Android. Android first started growing with the Smartphone and now with the Nexus 7 being released Android shall continue growing.


There have been many apps built recently that just have taken off for the Android. Some of the apps in demand are Zappos, New York Times, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Evernote to name a few. Developers can make apps that are easy for the users to find thanks to the top list and it only being designed for tablets.


There is a tablet app quality checklist that developers should adhere to when making their new apps. The checklist was released in 2012 during October and is in place so developers can make apps that display properly on their devices. Everything was updated recently so developers have more information and tips for achieving better app performances and optimization on the user’s tablets which will mean an increase in sales for these new apps.

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