5 Best Instant Scratchies To Play At Jackpot City Casino With Your Mobile

5 Best Instant Scratchies to play at Jackpot City Casino with your mobile
  1. Cricket Star Scratch
  2. Avalon Scratch
  3. Happy Holidays Scratch
  4. Big Break Scratch
  5. Game Set and Scratch

You can play Scratch cards online at Jackpot City Casino without much of effort and win real cash rewards. Scratch cards online are instant games and can be played on Android or iPhone cell phone, PC or Tablet. With Jackpot City Casino your online scratch card experience is literally a tap and a swipe away thanks to their mobile casino software designed for both iOS and Android.  Along with a whole bunch of innovatively themed scratch cards, you’ll also be able to play everything else on offer here at Jackpot City Casino.  Enjoy online slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and live dealer games, all in one singular online location.

When you signup, you can receive a bonus to the value of $1600 and all you have to do is deposit in real CAD. This will also lead to additional benefits such as weekly and monthly offers

How To Play Scratch Cards At Jackpot City Casino?

How to play Instant Scratchies at Jackpot City Casino with your mobile
Best Instant Scratchies at Jackpot City Casino

To play Scratch cards at Jackpot City Casino on your Android or iPhone, pick your mobile and type the casino URL https://www.jackpotcitycasino.com/; hit enter and you visit the casino in no time.

Now after all the formalities of joining the casino and registering yourself as  a player you make a friendly deposit in real CAD and grab the welcome bonus.

Head to the games lobby at Jackpot City Casino and search for scratch card games in the search menu or go to special games or other games and find instant scratchies to play and win.

5 Best Instant Scratchies To Play At Jackpot City Casino With Your Mobile

1. Cricket Star Scratch

Cricket star scratch
Cricket Star Scratchie

The Cricket Star Scratch card is a scratchie from Microgaming.Cricket Star Scratch has all the wild symbols, bonuses and promotions to get huge wins. It is a low-risk game. Cricket Star Scratch card machine has a return percentage of more than 94%.

2. Avalon Scratch

Avalon scratch
Avalon scratchie

The apparition of Lady Avalon herself emerges out of the shallow waters surrounding the castle and with her, she might bring instant wins of up to 1,000x your stake in this Microgaming scratchcard. Avalon Scratch has seven possible symbols that you can reveal on the card: a crown, a knight, an amulet, a silver cup, and two playing card symbols. To play the game, all you need to do is buy the card for the selected bet amount and hit the play button to reveal the symbols hiding behind the image of Lady Avalon. 

3. Happy Holidays Scratch

Happy Holidays scratch
Happy Holidays scratchie

Happy Holidays Scratch again from Microgaming gets you big win of up to 10000x your stake. Before starting the game, you will be asked to set the coin value and the list comes with several predefined values including 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, and 10.00 coins per hand. The Max Bet feature is also present.

Winnings are calculated by multiplying the Multiplier value of your combination by the total bet amount, which is why your betting strategy is important to trigger the Happy Holidays Scratch Bonus prize. When it comes to the prize pool, Santa Claus reading the kid’s letter pays 1000x the line win, while children preparing the Christmas tree grant 2500x your stake. A snowman, illuminated tree, Sock, and Turkey respectively pay 100x, 10x, 5x, and 2x the money invested.

4. Big Break Scratch

Big break scratch
Big Break Scratchie

This surfing monkey themed 9 item scratch card is lots of fun, and comes with a generous multiplier for every 3 symbol combination. You can win from 2 to 10,000 times your wager. Place your bet, from 0.50 to 10.00 credits. Scratch the panels on the 9 panel card by swiping back and forth over each in turn.

Each panel depicts a surfing monkey or a can of Turtle Wax. Three of a kind, anywhere on the card, means you’re a winner and you’ll trigger the symbol at the left of the card to celebrate with a happy dance. Every winning combination of three monkeys comes with its own multiplier.

5. Game Set and Scratch

Game set and scratch
Game set scratchie

Game, Set and Scratch is a colorful online scratch game. This particular scratch card has a vibrant tennis theme and takes place in two rounds. To begin playing, choose your bet size under the yellow “Stake”. Players can wager anywhere from 50 cents to $10 on a single card. Once you’ve selected your bet, hit “New Card” to begin playing.

In the first round on the left, scratch off the tennis balls to reveal different players. Each one, from the sad amateur to the determined professional, reward you with a certain amount of money. Match three of the same and get the prize underneath their picture. This round is where the big bucks are, with a top prize of 20,000x the initial stake to be won.

In the second round (Match Point) on the right, the prize is much smaller, but you’re much more likely to win here. Hit “Play” to witness an intense tennis match, and win this prize simply by landing the ball inside the court. Select “Reveal Prize” to see what you win in the Match Point.

Besides these, there are many other wonderful scratch cards to play at Jackpot City Casino. For a game totally devoid of strategy and only intent of giving the player simple fun, look no further than online casino scratch cards. Each game comes with its own theme and its own set of rules insofar as the matching patterns are concerned, but in terms of functionality, they are all the same, except you’re not scraping anything physical.

Playing any scratch card the game screen interface is very easy to use. It is then a case of clicking on the plus or minus button of the coin selector and clicking on the ‘new card’ button. Your scratch card will then appear on the screen embroidered in the Jackpot city casino logo. You may then proceed to scratch away the surface to reveal your hidden matching symbols. You can opt to go old school and use your mouse or finger – device-dependent – to unveil the symbols, or you can just click on the ‘show card’ button to instantly reveal the symbols.

The symbols that will appear before you will contain the following denominations: 1x, 10x and 50x. In order to profit from this game, you will need to match three of the same symbols.  These multipliers in conjunction with the amount of cash you bet will determine the amount owed to you should luck be on your side.

At online casinos, you can play scratch card for free or with real money. If you choose to play for real money, you can win real money. The biggest cash prize you can win is one 50x your initial bet. As mentioned previously, though, be sure to play responsibly, within your own limits.

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