The New Sponsor For Global Poker League


Do you know about PokerStars? Yes, it is one of the most prominent poker sites of world. This poke site also a sponsor of Global Poker League that is all about reinforcing the aim of Mediarex for assisting transition of poker, from the level of experience of player to that of fan. One of the many ways via which GPL aims to obtain this is by means of signature background. This is something, which is going to bring a high level of excitement and fun among fans and followers.

The new sponsor for Global Poker League
The new sponsor for Global Poker League

Bringing the innovation

According to Eric Hollreiser, who is the Director of the Corporate Communications, the Global Poker League is all about bringing innovations to make poker more exciting and we are extremely happy to assist Mediarex in their campaign for bringing poker to audiences that are new. From this we can get an estimation related with the aims and accomplishments, which are associated with this particular deal.

The past and future

In the past PokerStars has helped GPL via participating in the league of member of the Team titled PokerStars Pro that has the inclusion of following

  • LivBoeree
  • Jason Mercier
  • Vanessa Selbst
  • ElkY

The GPL is going to get kicked off on 4th October and one can also get a view of live stream on Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday on the easy to access PokerStars TV.

What CEO has to say?

The CEO of GPL Stated that they are extremely optimistic for this association as there is also the support of the PokerStars and this is a constructive step which will completely establish GPL for getting more entertainment and fun in the upcoming future. PokerStars provides a wide range of options for the growth of the platform of GPL and will continue to develop better strategy for availing convincing results.

The new sponsor for Global Poker League

The details have not been disclosed yet but important point to mention here is that PokerStars will  work with the Mediarez Sports and Entertainment upon a good number initiatives related with promotion that have been designed for the purpose of connecting existing as well as targeted fans of poker to GPL.

GPL will be starting with a total twelve teams from around the globe. The future for the team events of poker is very much bright and current surveys highlighted the point that 56% of the fans of poker are more interested in becoming a part of team related tournaments.  Let’s see what future will bring for you.

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