Major Millions Progressive Mobile Game

There are plenty of different slot machines to choose from when you enter a mobile casino. The slot machines come in many different forms. Some of these machines have 5 reels and have dozens of paylines that you can choose to bet on. When you play these machines it is difficult to tell why you have won. There are so many different symbols and paylines that you have to trust the machine to tell you how much you have won. The Major Millions Progressive mobile casino game is much simpler to understand.

Major Millions is a 3 reel progressive slot machine that has 3 paylines. It accepts 1 coin at a time. Each coin that is deposited will activate a payline which means you can play up to 3 coins at a time. It is much easier to see when you have3 a winner when you only have to look at 3 lines.

The symbols used in this game are easy to understand as well. A single, double and triple bar is used. These are classic symbols that have been used in slot machines for a long time. There are red lucky 7’s and blue lucky 7’s. A single cherry symbol on any active payline means the player is a winner.

The payouts are determined by the combinations of the symbols. The highest payout is when you get 3 red 7’s on any active payline. The simplicity of this slot machine is something that many people enjoy. They like understanding what it takes to win, but that is not the biggest draw of the Major Millions mobile game.

The reason that people play slot machines on their mobile device is to win money. The Major Millions progressive mobile game provides them with the opportunity. The progressive jackpot can be won by anyone who bets the maximum of 3 coins. It is won by getting 3 Major Millions symbols on the first or third payline you win 25,000 or 50,000 coins respectively. If the 3 major millions symbols are on the middle payline, you win the progressive jackpot. If not the jackpot will continue to grow until someone does win it.

The major Millions symbol also acts as a wild card and a multiplier. It can replace any other symbol and will multiply the winnings of any payline 2 times. If you have 2 of these symbols on any payline, the winnings are multiplied 4 times.

This is a great game because of its simplicity. It is exciting to play and win and understand what you are winning. When you combine that with the possibility of winning a big progressive jackpot, it is easy to see why it is the game of choice for many people at a mobile casino.

If you want to have a chance at winning the big jackpot you have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Visit on your mobile device.
  • Click on the game
  • Create a free account by supplying the information
  • Collect your promotional bonus by making a deposit and start playing. Your account can be credited instantly depending on the payment method you choose.
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