Hot Gaming Apps!

Every week, there are new gaming apps being created and released. It can be hard trying to keep up with the gaming apps if you are not sure where to go.

The Cave by Double Fine

In this exciting game you get to pick from seven different characters and lead them into a cave so they can fulfill their desires. There is only one thing though, the cave actually talks!

There are traps to get by and fire breathing dragons that would love to set you on fire. The graphics are colorful and really makes the came come to life. Will you be able to fulfill your desires before the talking cave sends you to a painful death?

Banana Kong by FDG Entertainment

Everyone love Kong and there is nothing more entertaining then being able to glide through the treetops, stomp around in the jungle, and walk through caves. That is until you are running for your life from the avalanche of bananas!

Competing against friends is simple since their scores are shown on the screen so you can see how you compared. Grab toucan for flying high or hop on the boars back and hold on tight as they help you get past obstacles in the way.

Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft

If you are a Grand Theft Auto game lover then this game is for you. The character is Jason Malone who is a famous boxer. Frank Valieno, a mobster, orders Jason to lose the fight. Jason is doing well then decides to take just one punch. That punch knocks the competition out cold and Jason is declared the winner. Frank is hot and has added Jason to his hit list.

Complete the missions and you are a step closer to being a free man. When items are dropped make sure to snatch them up along the way. There are 180 pickups total that need to be found. Are you good enough to locate each one without getting killed?

Bloodmasque by Square Enix

You are a vampire hunter that has sword skills that only others can dream about. Paris has a vampire problem in the 19th century and you decide to handle it. This game takes things to a whole new level.

Scan a picture of your face into the game and you are the lead character. During the day vampires look like everyone else, but during the night everyone comes to life and is coming for you. Can you save Paris before it is too late?

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