Guide To Play Your Favourite Online Skill-Games

With online games becoming a burgeoning activity these days, sometimes, the tricks to a game are entirely hidden from plain view to give you more challenge. Getting down the game without first understanding the picture at hand will somehow lead to an inefficient performance. So, before you start fiddling with the controls, a few tips would be necessary to lead you to the most convenient discoveries…

What lies in the Wheel Of Fortune?

GSN Cash Games Wheel of Fortune is actually taken from the popular TV show of the same name. The fate of your points lies by spinning the wheel. Solve the puzzles quickly by finding first the vowels and you’ll get there soon.


When Playing With Bubble Speed

While majority of the most popular games are drawn from this format, playing with GSN Cash Games’ Bubble Speed is a bit different. You need to the hit identical coloured bubbles with your shooter in order to clear out the spaces. The more you do that, the more bubbles fall from above. Bubble Speed can even let you extend your timer to another 10 seconds just by setting a bubble free with the 10 on it!

Conquering Funwin’s Kniffler

The rule here is pretty simple; just get as many high scores on the block as it’s basically the only thing that keeps it going.  Your points garnered shouldreach more than the valuein order to progress. To navigate the game, you can start by tapping on a dice and set it where you want to inscribe.

Figuring Out GSN Cash Games Swipe Hype

Swipe Hype opens up with a game board with different coloured symbols—ON PC; you must use your mouse by clicking and dragging across to clear the space. If a colour bomb comes up, you can get to earn high scores along with linking the bombs of the same colour. Here are the things you need to figure out carefully…

  • How to score a pre-set number of points
  • How to clear a specific coloured number in sets
  • How to bring 1 or more round pieces at the edge of the game board
  • How to clear white spaces that sometimes goes with the coloured ones from behind

Breaking the Walls at Game Duell’s Magnoid

If you are constantly challenged with ball games and brick games, you should try to break Magnoid’s golden bricks this time. See how to place your ball inside the hole that leads you to the next level and catch some power ups along the way. Just make sure to keep track of the time so your balls won’t run out.

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