Gaming Apps are out of Control!

There are so many different apps out there. With so many to pick from how do you know what the new gaming apps are? It is your lucky day and you are about to find out what is hot and in demand.

Hi Guess the Brand by Man Zhang

This is free to download and addiction will become obsession. A picture appears of the name brand. There are just enough blank tiles under the picture for what it spells. Question is though are you as good as you thought? When you get stuck, and you will, post it on Facebook and have your friends give a helping hand.

Candy Crush Saga by Limited

Can you say sweet? That is exactly what you will say when you make the perfect match and the complete board blows up. You will need skill to beat this bag of candy. There are many levels being added all the time so there is always a challenge. How long will you be stuck on a level before finally figuring out the solution?

Snoopy Coaster by Chillingo Ltd

Everyone loves Snoopy and the gang. Now you can take everyone for a ride on a rollercoaster that will have you grabbing your seat! The tracks are fast and will send the train leaping from track to track while trying to grab the bonuses. Do you have the quick thinking and coordination to get the gang to the end of their wild ride?

Turbo Racing League by PikPok

Let the races begin to see who is the fastest to earn their share of $1,000,000 in cash prizes. These are some bad little shells that can race around the tracks while jumping, sliding around the curves, and making drifting look easy. Get ready to see if your shell is up to speed and make sure and snap a shot of those awesome moments!

Gaming Apps

Most gaming apps are free to download and play. There is nothing more discouraging then being excited about a game, purchasing it, and wishing you had never bothered. With these fun gaming apps if you do not like there was nothing lost other then a few minutes of time.

If you like gaming like everyone else though these apps will keep you busy for hours on end. So hold on and buckle down while giving the games your best shot. If you are great your name will go on the boards for everyone else to see.

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